Trying out MarsEdit and posting…

Using the square brackets when publishing an entry via mars edit is pretty fragile. The best bet is to just use simple pre tags, as is the case with the default version of WP Syntax Highlighter. Then you just turn off the toolbar, which doesn’t work well anyway.

      describe "POST create" do
# test code roundtripping with marsedit
it "should create a pomodoro from json" do
post :create, :format => "json", :activity_id =>, :pomodoro => {
"start_date_time" => "2011-07-22 00:00",
"length" => "25",
"completed" => "0",
"note" => "json post individual pomodoro",
"break_length" => "5"
pomodoro = assigns(:pomodoro) > 0
pomodoro.note.should == "json post individual pomodoro"
pomodoro.length.should == 25

It looks to me, like you’ll need to do more of this before posting… Just don’t edit a post (or round trip it) in Mars Edit