Writing in public.
Welcome to my personal web site. I'm Daniel Dosen. There are a few of us out there - I'm the one originally from the Chicago area and I'm now living in Seattle.
I've written a blog on-and-off for the last few years, but publishing never really flowed. That's changing as I've recently come across the notion of changing how we write so we can work smarter; as illustrated in the bookHow to take Smart Notes.I'd highly recommend you read it. You can think of note taking as a way to collect all sorts of thoughts and then serendipitously stumbling accross them when you need them. One of the most important ideas from that book (IMO) is this:
If writing is the medium of research and studying nothing else than research, then there is no reason not to work as if nothing else counts than writing.
If you combine that philisophy with that of writing coachDavid Perrel,who identifies one pilar of writing as "Writing in Public":
You'll be motivated to clean and organize your house by inviting other people over - just as you'll be motivated by clean and organize your mind by sharing your ideas in public.
Basically - Always Be Writing! My accumulation of notes over the years probably dates back to using a Franklin Planner, then moving to Moleskine notebooks for simplicity, then to the Arc notebooks with removable pages, and now finally online with an iPad and pencil using the apps Bear and Notes.
Many of the notes I write are related to work that's aptly named "Operational Intelligence". That workflow deals with the digitization and automation of business processes, then the pipelining of data from those and other systems into analytic tools to help aa business make better decisions. It's a pretty big umbrella. I'd like to share (and welcome feedback) on my working notes - and that's what I'll use to replace my blog entries.Andy Matuschak,who I'd call a thought leader in this area, publishes his own working notes in a way I'd like to emulate. I'll publish my notes in similar, maybe a bit less elegant manner. I look forward to sharing, and keep sharing more of that content.